TKHP 20X30cm Nut Milk Bag Reusable Almond Milk Bag Strainer

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  • Bigger better quality bags with a wider opening and rounded corners to eliminate waste and messy pouring. 
  • Food grade quality, BPA free, high-quality nylon seams, could easily hold up to daily use! It works better than cheesecloth. You can squeeze it with both hands, unlike the smaller bags. It’s the best almond milk maker, blender juicer, and cold brew coffee maker. You get professional quality & the best-designed bags of them all. Start making the most nutritious, creamy & silky smooth, nut milk.
  • Our quality nut milk bag is washable, reusable, and will remain smell free and useful for the longest time. The corner of the bag is round, this design can help the liquid quickly pass through the bag, and the bag is easy to clean. Just turn the bag inside out, wash it by running water with soap, then hung it to air dry.
  • As a food strainer, the nut milk bag can not only be used to make nut milk, but also be used to make cold brew coffee, yogurt, celery juice, and another kind of juices. You can choose the proper size as needed. Just put coarsely ground coffee into the bag, and immerse the bag into a jar or pitcher filled with pure water, then put the jar into a refrigerator for 12-24 hours, take the bag out and wash it for next use, and enjoy your cold brew coffee.
  • Making nut milk, yogurt, cheese or anything else will do wonders for your diet, and our environmentally friendly mesh bag keeps your food safe for consumption. This bag set is made of natural, non-synthetic materials so whatever seeps through the bag is nutritious, fresh, and free of chemicals.