TKHP 3pcs Set Dinnerware Stainless Steel Spoon Fork with Bag


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  • Our travel utensils use full adult-sized silverware that fits comfortably in your hands and then easily back into the case! Fork -  
  • Leave wasteful plastic utensils behind for our durable and reusable camping utensils. Each set comes packed in a compact, high-quality neoprene zipper case that fits easily into desk drawers, lunch boxes, and backpacks!
  • At just over 3oz, our travel utensils strike the perfect balance between weight and durability. Easily pack and forget them without worrying about bending, rusting, or warping.
  • Our semi-sharp partially-serrated table knife is excellent for cutting through sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, or tender meats without crushing the food. Perfect travel utensils with the case for any age!