TKHP Anti Flea Ticks Insect Mosquitoes 8 Months Protection

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  • With saw-like teeth to keep it in place, the cat flea collar is sturdy and long-lasting. The natural formula of the flea collar for cats makes it completely safe for your pet. With active ingredients that spread using the cat’s natural skin oils, the cat flea and tick collar will keep away harmful insects.
  • Designed to fit cats of all sizes, the flea medicine for cats will save them from itchiness and severe scratching. Wearing the TKHP preventative tick collar, you lower the risk of your pet developing bad rashes which can lead to various infections and diseases.
  • The tick collar for cats will stop the flea and tick invasion your cat may bring into your house. The flea and tick prevention for cats will keep your cats healthy and stop fleas from getting inside your home, on your furniture, and in your bedding.
  • Easy to apply, the 8-month flea collar for cats will repel and kill fleas, ticks, and other insects on contact. Quite effective and cleverly-designed, the TKHP flea tick collar constantly releases its active ingredients. Water-resistant, your pet can safely enjoy his bathtime play.
  • A one-size-fits-all, cut to size large cat flea collar, you can easily trim the excess off. The flea collar for cats will fit cats ranging in size from small kittens 7 to larger cats. Ideal for growing pets, you only need to check the kitten flea collar periodically and adjust the fitting.