TKHP Inflatable Soft Neck Cervical Collar Pillow

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  • Is your neck been suffering from long hours bent over the PC at work? Try our TKHP cervical neck traction device, specially designed to correct neck posture and relieve pain without using drugs or expensive trips to specialists. Chiropractors recommend it!
  • Not only is this neck pain pillow great for improving your neck posture, but it also helps you heal from injuries such as whiplash, spinal cord misalignment, strains, sprains, etc. Additionally, this device elevates your jawbone which aids in supporting your neck and improving posture. You can’t get more versatile neck relief than that!
  • Universal size for both women and men. Made with quality material, our cervical neck brace is soft, comfortable, and non-itchy for extended use. 
  • It’s as easy as putting the collar around your neck and inflating it with the hand-powered inflation ball. When you’re on the go, just deflate and pack in your bag or purse to use later!
  • Use the inflation pump to SLOWLY raise the pressure to a comfortable stretch. Use 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days to get lasting relief from neck and shoulder pains, tensions, stress, pressure, muscle spasms, head & cervical vertebral area, and numbness. Feel the results in minutes