TKHP Interactive Cat Toy IQ Treat

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  • The dog toy can let the dog and cat see, smell, hear it, and found the treats inside the toy. It can arise the interest and the appetites of your pets! More attractive to your lovely pets, moreover the puzzle toy reduces boredom and destructive behavior, maintaining your dog's physical alertness, to fulfill their hunting instincts!
  • Putting a porting of pet food in this toy, will have no choice but eat what is dispensed. They need more work and physical activity to get food by themselves. This toy can slow down pet feeding and prevent pets from digestion, bloating, and obesity. Ideal pet food container for dog and cat.
  • Our interactive toy ball is made of high-quality abs and pc, pet toy with food dispenser is durable and non-odor material. Unfortunately, it is not for aggressive chewers.