TKHP Microcurrent Face Roller Skin Rejuvenation Wrinkle Removal

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  • Magnetic +micro vibration therapy, promoting Serum absorption, make your skin moist and bright. Helps solve various skin problems, such as eye bag, fine line, dark circles, etc.
  • This machine implies magnetic + vibration nutrient import technology, which could help to open the pores instantaneously forms the active component of the input channel, allowing the essence of skin care products to enter the dermis directly
  • Promote skin absorption, double effect, and deep penetration. Fade fine lines and tighten the skin, making face skin smooth and elastic. It is an efficient way to penetrate the essence into skin cells and make your skin moist and bright
  • No switches, slight touching for working, convenient and simple operation. Good hand feelings, easy to hold, and comfortable to apply on your face. 
  • Non-pain Massage, no stimulation, painless. Suitable for all kinds of skin. It can moisturize skin deeply and enhance skin water content. Small size and lightweight, easy to carry for travel or daily use